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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pahi 26 in Ess Eff

Wharram Pahi 26 Catamaran - $5000 (napa county)

Wharram Pahi 26 catamaran

This is a very interesting design as it is ocean capable, beachable, trailerable and only weighs 1550 pounds. It is considered a coastal trekking boat but people have sailed them long distances. Glenn Tieman did a 10 year circumnavigation in his:

It is 14'3" in beam and consists of two hulls that are assembled with crossbeams that are lashed in place. The hulls and crossbeams are well built and are constructed of epoxy over plywood. The varnished interior is dry and in good condition but the exterior is in need of paint and some minor hatch repair. It is currently in the water without antifouling paint so will need a good scrape when it next comes out of the water.

It was built in California and first registered in 2003. I was told that it was cruised for a while including a trip up the CA coast and through the CA delta rivers. It has now sat for a couple of years and will need some work to get back in sailing condition.

It was rigged with 4 or 5 sailboard sails that could be mounted at different points on the deck however, I only have one sailboard mast and sail with the boat. It also has two 14' unstayed masts that don't have sails. My plan was to rerig it with the wingsail rig that is used on the Wharram Tikis'. Plans are available through the Wharram website.

It has an adjustable motormount but no outboard and no trailer. I can help move it locally and could help set it up on a trailer if that was desired.

If you were thinking of building one of these, this would save a lot of time and money. I'm asking $5000.


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