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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Monday, October 27, 2014

Tiki 30 project in So Cal

This boat project is advertised on Wharram Builders and Friends by Robert Mccary.

Recent surgery and future disability prevents completion.
Starboard hull nearly finished
Aft crossbeam framed, double coated with epoxy, lacks class
Center crossbeam partially framed, all parts double coated
Forward crossbeam parts complete double coated,
Port hull stem,stern post, backbone, bulkheads, complete double coated
Port hull lower and upper plywood panels, deck, cabin sides and top.
All plywood is Hydrotek marine ply
Framing is douglas fir.
Located So. Cal.

Wharram Project in Texas Tangaroa

On ebay now cheeeeap

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tiki 46 in Spain

Apatiki is for sale. Her owner builders have decided to go another direction. Apatiki is a biplane junk rigged catamaran  with electric propulsion. She is listed with Scott Brown Multihulls for $135,000 Euros including some refitting.
  • General

    Wharram Tiki 46 #25 - sold by it's builders and unique owners.
    Built from top quality Bruinzeel Hechthout Lloyds approved plywood and West System epoxy.
    Hulls and beams as per plans.
    Many modifications to make the cruising life of a couple more comfortable.
    Two side by side masts with junk sails for smooth and easy handling.
    Electric propulsion for excellent maneuvering en plenty of 230V power on board.
    Launched in 2009 and extensively sailed with 15,000 nautical miles, including two Atlantic crossings.
    Reliable, proven concept of junk sails and electric propulsion.
    Very well maintained and multiple enhancements.
    Well documented : building, tuning and cruising phases, cabling, and user's guide with all specific topics to the craft.
    Currently under light refit after the Atlantic crossings. Sold ready to start a new sailing season in the Mediterranean.
  • 2013 -05-02 - Messolonghi bandeau - Copy4.jpg

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tacoma Washington being sold through the Multihull Co. contact Matthew Dunning   206-297-1151   Asking $72,000

Wharram Oro - “Wharram Oro ”

Some projects take time. Years can elapse between the selection of a design and the wetting of hulls. Sometimes decades. This is a Custom Oro 46'. One of the oldest of Wharram's designs yet it was launched in 2011. She was many years in the making and went through a succession of builders' interpretations. Her rig is eclectic - almost Steampunk. Her tramps are only for daysailing. She wants a proper steering system. She will (always) need some refinishing. She is fairly bare bones but a classic. Further interpretation and effort are required before she lives up to her bluewater heritage. But the gruelling work is done. Years of effort have been expended. Refitting is months not years. 800 square feet, 3 cabins, a galley, head, flexi-space, a pilothouse, and a manageable ketch rig invite your finishing touches.

Matthew knows these boats well, this might be an opportunity for someone.