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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Narai MkI For Sale WharramCatamaran

There is a long convoluted sad story that goes with this boat. Short story; The hulls were built 6-7 yrs ago and sold to Bert. Bert then payed the guy gobs of money to complete the boat. The guy had odd ideas about the way the boat should be built and after several years Bert took the boat to another guy who also ate up gobs of money while still not providing a usable vessel. Last year Bert contacted me and had me come out and provide him with some opinions and advice. This resulted in Bert bringing the boat south for me to repair and complete the boat. This all took a while and in the meantime we started building the Ariki mold and when Bert realized how much money he would have to spend to get his Narai done like he would like and how much I could build him a new glass 47'Ariki for he decide that he would rather spend some more money and have the Ariki. We will use the electronics and appliances and some of the rigging on his new boat and the rest of the old boat is for sale. These hulls are in very good condition. There are some spots at the bow where there is some bad wood where the metal pieces were not bedded well. One rudder has been smacked and will need rebuilding.Thebulwarks are not good The rudder gudgeons are not well lined up and bind and are not well bedded. The beams were bolted on in an inadequate manner. This boat is currently here in my yard and I can arrange transport or I can provide someone with a price to complete to any desired stage. Call me with questions . 561-632-2628

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